Meet our intern, Fanny!

At Serve the City we love to work with interns. Fanny helped us out the last half year and this email made us cry a little little bit. “Leaving Serve the City is a sad moment, especially because it is a big part of my [...]

Pancakes for Life

Pancakes for Life Reported by: Kalina Barneva Photographer: Fanni Szántó It is an early Saturday morning, and I am both nervous and excited as I’m walking through the quiet city streets. The sun lays its light onto the sleepy [...]

On the Playground of Life

On the Playground of Life Reported by: Kalina Barneva Photographer: @steffi.naydenov Although the sun is shining brightly high up in a cloudless sky, the morning starts out quite cold. This, however, can not diminish the [...]

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