We connect volunteers to an array of activities in our city that support vulnerable Amsterdammers, including the homeless, the elderly, children in need, victims of abuse, asylum seekers and refugees, persons with disabilities, and many more. Our volunteers also show and promote care for the environment, helping to raise awareness of the importance of waste management and the circular economy.

people we serve

homeless Amsterdammers
who do not have a roof above their head

the elderly
who feel socially isolated

vulnerable Amsterdammers
with limited financial resources

people with special needs
e.g. physical and/or intellectual disabilities

refugees & undocumented Amsterdammers
to help them find their place

families and/or (school) children in need
to gain new perspectives

Amsterdammers who help fellow Amsterdammers
e.g. police, fire brigade, tram drivers, …

places we serve

rehabilitation centers
& care homes

shelters for families / homeless /
wo(men) / refugees

parks, playgrounds
city farms

schools & community

Let’s keep in touch.

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