Serve the City fully depends on the support and funding from individuals, organisations and municipalities. Please consider contributing to our cause so that we can make Amsterdam a better place. We really appreciate your help 🙂

Donate Online

Use the form below to easily make a one-time donation.


Donate via Bank Transfer

Use the information below for a bank transfer. Please consider setting up a standing order.

Stichting Serve the City, Amsterdam
Bank account NL07 ABNA 0432 7257 76

To serve the city, we need your help.

Serve the City depends on the tireless dedication of thousands of volunteers who invest their time
in caring for people in need. We also depend on the voluntary financial donations of people like you.

Why give to us?

Financial support for Serve the City comes from team-buildings, fundraisers and private donors. We rely entirely on donations from people like you to fund our projects. Your contributions empower our volunteers to act.

Your donation will make it possible for us to organise activities and equip volunteers to serve people in need in Amsterdam: people who are homeless or seeking asylum, people who are elderly, persons with disabilities, children in need, and victims of abuse.

If you have seen the positive impact of volunteering with STC why not make a financial donation to provide others the same opportunity to make a difference?

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