Serve the City Amsterdam.

Serve the City Amsterdam was founded in 2006 by Brigitte Vonck-Makkinje as part of a global volunteering movement.

Every week, we organize different social, practical, green, and culinary volunteering activities in Amsterdam. This means we connect Amsterdammers to all kind of volunteering projects such as park clean-ups, pancake baking for the homeless, cooking for shelters, gardening activities at city farms, walking with the elderly, …

Besides that, we organize a monthly Serve the City Action Day, where all our volunteers come together and join forces to make our city a nicer and greener place for everyone.

Serve the City International.

Serve the City is a global movement of volunteersshowing kindness in practical ways to people in need. It was founded in Brussels, Belgium, back in 2005, initiated by a Christian faith community called The Well.

Today, Serve the City can be found in 65 cities worldwide (even in Port-au-Prince, Haiti)!

Although Serve the City is a Christian organization we are open to everyone. This means that we have volunteers with different cultural backgrounds, religions, traditions, languages.

Who we are serving.

Serve the City partners with homeless shelters, refugee centers, orphanages, and other associations offering help and support to people in need.

We create events that mobilize many volunteers to serve in simple ways – sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. We are the connection between the good intentions and talents of people who could volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

Serve the City is a volunteering movement for everyone.

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