Serving Joy on a Plate: Pancakes Take Center Stage

Pancakes are deeply ingrained in Dutch culture and you can find a Pannekoken huis in almost every town. They are a source of joy for both young and old. This cherished Dutch treat is embraced wholeheartedly at Serve the City. Volunteers find fulfillment in preparing them and are rewarded with smiles and thanks.

Last Saturday, a dedicated team from Serve the City took on the task of making pancakes at the day shelter run by De Regenboog on Bilderdijkstraat. This center is open 365 days a year and has a warm and friendly atmosphere. It provides a safe space for individuals to connect, enjoy a warm drink, and food. On average, about 150 people visit throughout the day.

Pancakes, or “pannekoeken,” took the spotlight on Saturday and the team prepared 60 for the day shelter’s visitors. The “blanco” option, pancakes with no topping but with plenty of stroop and powdered sugar, emerged as the crowd’s favorite. The resounding feedback from visitors was positive with some saying “they were delicious” and “my belly is full”.

Meet Anita

Anita, a seasoned volunteer and project coordinator has been in Amsterdam for over 20 years. Originally from Denmark, she has a passion for cooking projects, especially making pannekoken. This reflects her profound understanding of the impact a warm meal can have on individuals facing various challenges.

Meet Angelo

Angelo, also a coordinator, lent an international flair to the project. Hailing from Athens, Greece, his relatively short time in Amsterdam is marked by enthusiasm and a dynamic energy. He brought a unique Greek influence by spicing up the batter with a touch of cinnamon.

Meet Sydney and Delip

Sydney, a dedicated researcher at Amsterdam UMC studying viruses, rounded out the team with her love for volunteering. She prefers Amsterdam over Atlanta and she loves everything that it has to offer. She has previously volunteered at the day shelter.

Delio, a social worker interning three days a week, and Bilal, a new employee of three weeks, played pivotal roles alongside the volunteers. They ensure the day shelter runs smoothly and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

Finding Joy in Volunteering

The day showed that a humble pancake, though simple in nature, holds the power to bring both nourishment and value to a community. And in turn initiatives led by Serve the City, and the act of volunteering create a sense of unity and well-being. Sign up for your next project soon.

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