Meet Jari Kloppenburg from Steam Talmark – Company contributor

Meet Jari Kloppenburg from Steam Talmark – Company contributor  

Advertising agency Steam Talmark is one of this year’s biggest contributors to the Reversed Advent Calendar with 25+ boxes. And since it’s the third year in a row that the company participates, we reached out to strategy director Jari Kloppenburg to learn about their motivation and the rituals behind their contribution.   

You may wonder why the Reversed Advent Calendar initiative resonates with a company like Steam Talmark. But our Christmas initiative and the agency’s mission are remarkably similar, explains Jari. ‘Our goal is to not only match up employees with the right company but also to encourage companies to be good employers.’ And at Steam Talmark, they believe in practicing what you preach. ‘We don’t just hold the companies we work with to a higher standard; we also apply this to ourselves. And part of this is understanding what role you play in your surrounding communities and how you can help to improve this.’ So, when a coworker shared the Reversed Advent Calendar with the team three years ago, it felt like a match made in heaven. 

Coming together to give back 

Rather than asking everyone to facilitate their own box, Jari shares that the preparations have turned into an office ritual that brings the whole team together. ‘All ingredients and items from the calendar are placed on a big table in the office and everyone comes together to pack up their box.’ While it’s a fun time for the team, it’s also a moment for introspection and reflection. ‘When looking at the suggested items, I realised that something as simple as a pack of pasta can make a big difference to someone. That was a real eye opener.’ 

A message from a fellow Amsterdammer 

While it’s still a few weeks away, Jari has already thought of a what he’d like to write on the greeting card. ‘While I might not know the person on the receiving end, there’s one thing we have in common: Amsterdam. We belong to the same city, the same community, and that to me is what creates the connection between us.’ Besides feeling connected to one another, Jari hopes that each box also provides a sense of support. ‘People receiving these boxes need and deserve it so much more than we do, I hope this makes them feel seen and appreciated.’

Would you like to join this year’s Reversed Advent Calendar? You can sign up here 


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