Participant in the spotlight: Youth coach Nathan Korfker 

The holidays are usually a time for giving but Nathan prefers to do the opposite. ‘Of course, it’s great to receive a beautiful gift but I already have plenty of stuff!’ So when he learned about the Reversed Advent Calendar through work, Nathan signed up right away. And now he’d like to encourage his friends and family to join in as well. 

Nathan tries to reach as many people as possible by posting on his social media. ‘Many people have no idea what it’s like to give back without getting anything in return. We’ve lost the sense of community and taking care of each other. I, for instance, have no idea who my neighbours are.’ And that’s exactly why Nathan has decided to participate in the Reversed Advent Calendar.  

You’re not alone 

‘I’m hoping to provide the person on the receiving end with some hope and to give them the feeling that they’re not alone. I want to tell them to not give up and to believe in themselves.’ These messages are similar to the ones he uses in his job as a youth coach. ‘I guide young adults in their personal development and help them to find an internship with a non-profit. Through this job I’ve learned that even giving a little has a lot more impact than you’d think.’   

First round, two boxes 

While it’s only the first time that Nathan participates in the Reversed Advent Calendar, he has chosen to contribute two boxes. ‘I believe I’m a few days behind, but I think I’ll grab all groceries in one or two goes.’ When shopping, Nathan opts for the healthiest options. ‘While most products are quite basic, it’s important to me to promote a healthy diet.’ He also considers adding something extra to his boxes that isn’t on the calendar. ‘I’m aware that all items are important, but I’d like to add something else that makes an impact, for instance a book on personal development.’ 

Festive with the family 

After handing in his boxes, it’s time for Nathan to enjoy the holidays with his family. ‘We always spend time together around Christmas. Lots of talking, food and games.’ And gifts? ‘That’s more for Sinterklaas, Christmas to me is all about coming together.’ 

Would you like to join this year’s Reversed Advent Calendar? You can sign up here 

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