Love Connected: Coldplay x Serve the City x Love Button

Love Connected

Coldplay x Serve the City x Love Button


Last week Coldplay was in the Netherlands and on their behalf we were able to organize four volunteer projects in Amsterdam. Walking with the elderly, gardening, cooking for the homeless and wheelchair dancing with the elderly. It was a great success!

“”I strongly believe that every time you volunteer you get something in return, but it is often not what you expected beforehand.” 

I said to Garrick, our contact at Love Button. Love Button ensures that locally, where Coldplay concerts are taking place, impact can be made by allowing volunteers to help out on volunteering projects. We organized four projects for Coldplay fans.

“Does that lady really have a kitty on her lap?” am I think as I look down the big room.

Location: Elderly home Vreugdehof.

Activity: Wheelchair dancing with the elderly.

Situation: Elders are lined up in wheelchair rows watching wheelchair dancing.

“A crazy place for a kitty,” I continue thinking. I look closely and see that it is a stuffed kitty that moves, just like the real thing. I walk up to her.

“What is your kitty’s name ma’am” I asked.

“That’s me” she says confidently while looking at the stuffed animal.


“I know that” and I pretend to understand her. “but what is your name?” I continued.

She is unable to give me the answer, but there was a short moment of connection. As I walk on again I dance a bit and look around. There is a demonstration by wheelchair dancers, we watch, we get to join in a hand dance and clap and move ourselves around nicely.



It’s time for the last dance. A Jive. People are getting the hang of it and even the Coldplay volunteers get up and do a little dance in the background.

The official program is over. But fortunately there is time for one last song, an encore. Like a real concert. A song by Coldplay was played and then it happened. All the volunteers go onto the dance floor and it becomes a true party.

The lady with the cat was wheeled out of the wheelchair row and “swayed” through the room to Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. There was life, there was celebration, there was beauty. The volunteers felt at home, to their “own” music and that’s when they rolled the world.

It’s the next day and I’m thinking about yesterday.

What was the beauty that was created yesterday and when did it really begin?

The moment the volunteers could give something back from their own power & love it began to flow. The love for the Coldplay music allowed them to give love while dancing on it with the elderly people. The power of giving, when you give something from yourself to others.

” That was when we ruled the world…” – Viva la Vida, Coldplay

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