This gentleman needs us. Extremely hard. Now.

Sometimes you have those moments when you really don’t want to call someone back. Because you know you’re going to have to say no.

After the third cry for help in my mailbox, I got myself together and called.

It’s a sad case. This man is moving. He has finally found a house where he doesn’t have to climb the stairs but where he can take the elevator up. This man walks crooked, with a stick and can therefore actually do nothing himself to get his new home in order. He has not social network to help him and also does not have money to pay for help.

And next Thursday, November 4th, he must move.

“Over the past few weeks, we have successfully found 20 volunteers to refurbish a house of an ex-homeless person,” I say. “But I never know how successful I will be this time,” I continue.

“What will you do if you can’t find people who can do this?” I ask. “Then I’ll switch on my private network,” Sanne says. “But I don’t know if this will work”.

Recently, more of such distressing requests for help reach us and it seems that we are unable to solve this in the social domain. The house must be painted, a floor must be removed from his old house and he needs helping to move with a van.


The only thing I think then is: “This can’t be true”.


I think and weigh, I think and weigh and I’m going to try it anyway. Hopefully with your help.

We still have more than 1,5 weeks to get this job done together as Amsterdam volunteers and Amsterdam companies.

Therefore, a shout out to you if you are reading this. Can you paint, remove a floor, lift things, and help get this job done?

Getting this job done with your team would be amazing and a true accomplishment. Working together for a social target, profiling yourself positively as a company, and being together as a team!

Ask your boss if you and your team can take a few hours off to help this man, ask your friends to help, join in, share this blog, and let us know how you can help this man in need, in the form.

This gentleman needs us. Extremely hard. Now.

Fill in below how and when you could help. If you are part of a company, we will contact you after registration. You can also email or call 020-2440198 or

Help mee met klussen om een oudere man te kunnen verhuizen.

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