Magic of Giving: Serve the City and Studio Pancake launch Reversed Advent Calendar

Serve the City and Studio Pancake launch Reversed Advent Calendar to surprise thousands of undocumented Amsterdammers with an unforgettable Christmas Dinner. 

Everybody deserves a cosy Christmas dinner with their beloved ones, however there are about 20.000 undocumented Amsterdammers living in our capital who do not have the respective financial means due to their complicated status. Time to change that! This is why Serve the City Amsterdam and Studio Pancake joint forces and dedicated this year’s reversed advent calendar action to undocumented Amsterdammers.

The idea behind: everyone, who wants to do good in December, can sign-up for the Reversed Advent Calendar action. Instead of taking an item out of one’s Advent Calendar each day, participants receive a daily email suggesting what item to add to their Advent Calendar that day. On top of that, they will get some interesting information and personal stories from undocumented Amsterdammers.
The Reversed Advent Calendar action starts on Thursday, December 1st and ends on Thursday, December 22nd 2022, so that all ready to be donated Christmas dinner boxes can be delivered to all those vulnerable Amsterdammer (families) on time.  

Last year, Serve theCity Amsterdam (STC) and Studio Pancake (SP) organized a comparable reversed Advent Calendar action dedicated to Amsterdammer families and single parents with low income levels. With the help of over 500 participants, they were able to hand out over 600 Christmas dinner boxes putting a big smile on over 1000 Amsterdammer’s faces. Because of the refugee crisis, STC and SP decided to dedicate this year’s Christmas action to undocumented Amsterdammers who are fully dependent on donations and gifts in order to survive.

If you want to hearten fellow Amsterdammers, too, and surprise them with a special Christmas dinner, sign up here:





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