401 presents, where are they going?

We are so thankful for what all of you managed to do over the past few weeks! No fewer than 401 children will be made happy this week with a beautiful gift from Sinterklaas. Where many mothers have no money to buy a nice gift, this has now been made possible through the efforts of our (yet again) amazing volunteers!

But who are those children and where do these children live? Good question!

We work together with


Timon has several emergency shelter locations in Amsterdam where single young mothers, single young fathers, and families who do not have a place to live, are given a safe place to live. They receive guidance here to become more independent.



Blijfhuis helps to stop domestic violence. We collected gifts for a reception center in Amsterdam where mothers live alone with their children. Mothers who live here are often victims of domestic violence.


HVO Querido

HVO-Querido offers families shelter, (outpatient) guidance) and emergency shelter. It concerns homeless families who experience various problems.


Helping Hands Amsterdam North (Helpende Handen Amsterdam Noord)

Helping Hands, hand out food packages to eighty people every Thursday. Thanks to your help and donations, these children have also been able to receive beautiful gifts.


Salvation Army

In Amsterdam Noord near Bij Bosschardt, many children are known to grow up in poverty. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to organize a fantastic children’s bingo with presents and helpers!

On behalf of these children, thank you very much for your efforts! It was heartwarming to do these actions together with you for our vulnerable little Amsterdammers.

Op pad met de bakfiets

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