Give back to a neighborhood
in need with your company or team.

Lend a helping hand to a community in Amsterdam facing challenges.

June 26th | Amsterdam Zuidoost | 9:30 – 13:00

Ready to create positive change in Amsterdam with your company? But unsure where to start with corporate social responsibility? Here’s your opportunity to connect! Join us in bringing hope to the Amsterdam Zuidoost community by investing in their neighborhood. This volunteering event aims to revitalize the Holendrecht neighborhood to kickstart a cleaner, safer and better shared environment for the community. The local community members are eager to make this happen but need the help of 100+ volunteers to get started. 

Join Serve the City and make a difference 

As part of their annual global Community Impact initiative, Adyen has sponsored this event, and is inviting other companies and corporates to join them to experience the joy of giving back!

This unique event will give your company the opportunity to feel what volunteering with your team is like and how it is making a difference to the city and the team dynamics. 

Event details 

This event takes place on Wednesday June 26th from 9:30 until 13:00 at Holendrechtplein, Amsterdam Zuidoost. 

During the event, we’ll tackle a crucial first step: cleaning the streets, restoring visibility to traffic signs, and sharing smiles with the locals. Together with the residents of this area, you’ll roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.  

At the end of the event, we will come together to share a small snack, get to know each other and celebrate the revitalized community.  

Ready to make a positive difference? Sign up below and you will receive more details in an email. 


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If you want to bring a team bigger then 20 people, please email to

Monica Winkel
+31 6 30900499
Project Manager Corporate Volunteering

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