Reversed Advent Calendar 🎄 Day 4

This post is part of our reversed advent calendar action to surprise undocumented Amsterdammers with a Christmas dinner box. Besides revealing the daily item to put into the calendar box, we also share some interesting stories and inspirational content to make the countdown to Christmas extra meaningful to all of us.

Meet Wereldhuis concierge Tom Cruise and his sweet squad
When passing by ‘het wereldhuis’ you won’t miss our sympathetic concierge, who is always in for a little chat. Although his legal name is Magdi, he likes to introduce himself as Tom Cruise. And he does so without irony: “Tom Cruise, beautiful man! Seriously, I mean it.”
Magdi has a special bond with the heron who walks in front of ‘het wereldhuis’, its name is Hulaku. Named after Genghis Khan’s brother, as it is a dangerous beast, but very sweet.
Just like Magdi’s other big love: the duck Natascha. “They’re always looking for me. And I feed them. They are my children.” He pauses. Very briefly. Then he continues: “And do you know Harro the house cat? It has the size of a tiger, so heavy you can’t lift it. It falls for women, that cat. It always chases short skirts. Seriously, I mean it! And it scratches men’s legs.”
Magdi has been living in the Netherlands without papers for more than 30 years. He doesn’t like to talk about his bad experiences, he prefers to tell you James Bond-like stories. Stories that you would not believe, but that are true. Or not, who knows. However, it fits his Tom Cruise identity.

Curious to see which calendar item comes next? 🎄

Shhhht … view the entire advent calendar sheet with all items over here.
And if you know someone who would like to join the reversed advent calendar, people are still welcome to sign-up here until December 21st. The more packages we can donate together, the merrier ❤️

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