Meet our intern, Fanny!

At Serve the City we love to work with interns. Fanny helped us out the last half year and this email made us cry a little little bit.

“Leaving Serve the City is a sad moment, especially because it is a big part of my life in the Netherlands and a key moment of my studies. But I prefer to look at the positive side and all the good I can get out of it. This first real work experience has helped me grow as a professional but also as a person!  

As a professional, I would say that I learned a lot about coordination, communication, and also about motivating a team on projects. When I was able to go to some of the projects, the motivation and smiles of the people were the best reward for the work done in the office! This internship also allowed me to meet people, especially volunteers and social welfare professionals who are interesting and deep people that I enjoyed getting to know! On top of that, the 6 interviews I conducted gave me a better understanding of the motivations of volunteering, making these 4 months a more coherent whole. 

As a person, I really liked this team spirit, sometimes a bit chaotic but which makes me feel involved in all the situations. You and Ayana made this experience a very smooth journey with a really nice atmosphere! Coming to the office was always fun and I was happy to get up in the morning to come to Amsterdam. It was a great pleasure to work for and with you! I hope I could help a little Serve the City 🙂

All this has given me a better understanding of what I like, what I am interested in, and what I want to spend my time on: to feel part of an organisation that works for the good, for a human goal, for a better society in general!”

Are you also interested in doing an internship? Feel free to let us know!

You can find more info the link below;

International internship in Serve the City Amsterdam

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