Story of a volunteer: Julie

Hi! My name is Julie and last December, I’ve joined a group of volunteers for the first time to decorate an elderly home with Christmas decorations. It was great to meet other people while having fun with all the glitters, garlands and Christmas stars. After this project, I liked to stay involved and was also curious about the organization behind all the fun projects Serve the City offers, so I sent my cover letter to Serve the City and applied for a volunteering job at the office.

At the office, there’s always work to do! Together with Brigitte, director of STC, we checked what tasks I could do based on my background and experience (communications), but we also kept it open to see if I have any other interest that I could develop here.

Right now, I’m helping out with things like making sure the projects turn up online, create briefings for photographers and meet likewise people and organizations to see if we can support each other. For example last week, we had a very inspiring meeting with Paula Kelder from the Amsterdam International Women’s expat group. She told us how the women in her group were eager to do volunteering work in Amsterdam. Last project day, a group of women from the group already helped out and cooked for homeless people. You can imagine I was so happy STC and AIW clicked so well and now are helping together to serve the city!

Working for STC not only feels rewarding, but it’s also fun to be around the other volunteers and people working for STC every week. And we’re always looking for more volunteers! 🙂


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