Pancakes for the homeless

On Saturday November 17th, volunteers from Serve the City organization served the homeless by making pancakes. Here is the link to the video


The pancake was freshly made by the volunteers themselves. Kari, Emanuel, and Cas, the three volunteers carried their ingredients for making pancakes to a walk-in center in Amsterdam. From making the batter by mixing sugar, baking powder, and flour in a bowl to flipping it after being poured into a pan, all works were done by the volunteers.   

Emanuel described this time of the year “the season of giving”. “Christmas is approaching and helping homeless people to feel they are cared is the right thing to do”, he said. Cas added on,” not everyone is in a good situation. These people can use the help of us.” 

  Kari said, “I enjoyed serving pancakes today. I think it is very nice that I can choose which project I want to do.” Emanuel said he always learns new skills by doing volunteer. “Not only I can learn practical skills like making pancakes, but also how to build an effective teamwork, “ Emanuel said with also mentioning their teamwork had a “spark of energy”.

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