Painting for a lady and children

Ms. B. shared that before moving into her current apartment, she was living in a shelter. Naturally, she was very thankful when the municipality contacted her to say that she was approved for her own apartment. She noted that Serve the City helped her with moving in several years ago, and is helping her once again now to repaint the walls of her living room.

Ms. B. was impressed by the positive energy and diversity of the volunteers, all of whom were from different countries – Italy, Spain, Greece, and the UK – and seemed to be having a great time together, united by a common cause. For those volunteers, choosing Serve the City wasn’t difficult, as “it has many projects to choose from,” and there is “no long term commitment.”

For Lynn, one volunteer originally from the UK, the choice to do volunteer work is even simpler – she does it “because it doesn’t take much out of you, but it gives to someone else.”

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