Cleaning a home for a fresh start

Author – Mastan Kader

On the 8th of September, about 15 projects were set up by the Serve the City organization. With the projects being held in Amsterdam, each project’s goal was to bring hope. The volunteers’ goal by giving people hope was to give them the power to take the next step in life. The projects were held on a Saturday, where people in Amsterdam signed up to volunteer with the mindset of bringing hope.

Two projects held in the Northern part of Amsterdam was helping at a house of a single mother and taking wallpaper off and cleaning a house.

At the single mother project, the single mother who has been conceiving a child for the past year and is now expecting her 5th baby. Her only goal is to redecorate and make her home spacious for her children. With asking her how the volunteers could do better, she humbly said that ” I am very grateful and only super happy with the help as I am 8 months pregnant and not able to do anything well.
‘’ All I can state about the volunteers is that I am very glad for the help as I am not able for any manual labor at this moment.

Cantya, 27 years old volunteered due to acknowledging the fact that it is not easy being a mother. She wanted to lend a helping hand with the single mother’s hardship of not being able to do some labor work. Cantya was not particularly prepared for this task. However, what she did and gave us as a tip to the future volunteers is to research. It is to understand whom you are working with and know exactly what you get yourself into.

Moreover, volunteers also helped at Mr. and Mrs. Hogers home for manual work. This was to take wallpaper off and to clean their home for a fresh start. With seeking Mr. and Mrs. Hogers thoughts on volunteers nowadays, they actually used to be volunteers themselves. Both of them did volunteer work at a children’s circus and know for sure what a volunteer’s capacity is. Thus, asking them how the STC volunteers are doing and what for tips they might have for them to enable greater skills. Mr. and Mrs. Hogers both said with a tremendous smile, “they are doing an excellent job and the important thing is that volunteering still exists.”

Anna one of the volunteers has done one Serve the city project and signed up for this project with the motivation and goal to help people. With volunteering work Anna feels like she is making a small contribution to the community which makes her feel good.

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