Join one of our weekly afternoons with the elderly!


After a long time of being isolated, there is finally something we can do for the elderly! We are looking for volunteers who enjoy chatting with the elderly and doing something fun with them. Is this something for you? Then join our weekly pleasant afternoon with the elders!


We get together every Friday afternoon for a cup of tea with some music, a walk with the wheelchair, or a fun craft activity with the elders! It would be great if you are able to speak some Dutch when joining this project.

In this elderly home in Amsterdam North people are living with dementia. This means people love to be around people. Be aware that they might be confused sometimes as well, but no worries. It is a fact that the personal attention you are going to give is appreciated a lot.


This project will take place at Cordaan located at the Loenermark 900, in Amsterdam North.

Do you want to be part of this? Sign up and help out to make this nice afternoon happen for the elderly in North! Below you can see the dates for which we are looking for volunteers.

Want to get involved beyond our project days? Read more at our Join the Team page.

Questions about corporate volunteering? Learn more at our Companies page.

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