#Signup 2023 form: Reversed Advent Calendar Action

Thank you for joining our Reversed Advent Calendar action and making undocumented Amsterdammers smile!

    Maak je geen zorgen, we willen deze informatie alleen maar om beter te plannen, we pinnen je er dus niet op vast. Je kunt ook maandag tot donderdag (9.30-17.00) bij Nieuwe Herengracht 18 afleveren/ Don’t worry, we give these options to make it easier for us to organise it. You can also deliver it to Nieuwe Herengracht 18 Monday – Thursday (9.30-17.00).
    Your data submitted in the form above will be used for this specific purpose. Besides that, STC may also use it to inform you about related actions and our volunteering work. By submitting these form, you are giving your personal data in a secure manner, which preserves your privacy. All personal data in our systems will only be accessible by our authorized users only.

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