What to expect on this project 

You don’t have to be a pastry chef to bake pancakes and make someone happy! Just bake them with care and homeless people of this Regenboog (Rainbow) location will welcome you with open arms! 

This great project is a returning success on our Serve the City editions. This Regenboog (Rainbow) location is kind of a big living room in the Zuid neighbourhood and is visited by homeless people who want to keep busy. They have a street cleaning team, a bike repair shop and a workshop where candles are made. This drop-in centre is open 365 days a year and homeless people are always welcome to drop in for a cup of coffee or a couple of delicious pancakes! 

So let’s prepare a tasty snack for people who work hard! 

Join us if: you are above 18 years old and in the mood for helping! 

Language: no specific language is required 

You can contact us at info@stcamsterdam.nl if you still have questions or concerns about this project. 

Your participation in three steps

  1. Use the sign up form below to join your project 
  2. You will receive an email from the project coordinator with everything you need to know about this project 
  3. Enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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