What to expect on this project 

Team Sportservice works towards a healthy, vital and social society, in which sport and exercise are a matter of course for everyone and a healthy lifestyle is the standard.

They organize a Fit-test for Amsterdammers aged 55 and older on the 19th of September.

Participants go through a number of low-threshold, evidence-based tests, with the aim of gaining insight into their own fitness. In addition to a realistic picture, participants receive advice on how to stay fit or become even fitter. A (para)medic is present during these tests so that we can ensure the safety of the participants.

In addition, a number of sports providers from the neighborhood will be present to provide free workshops so that participants can experience how much fun sports and exercise can be.

You can find more information about the organization here.

Join us if : you like talk to people, and have passion for health and sport!

Language: no specific language is required  

You can contact us at info@stcamsterdam.nl if you still have questions or concerns about this project. 

Your participation in three steps 

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  3. Enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂

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