The activity: Weekly dinner and game night with homeless people

This project is in cooperation with Leger des Heils Dokburg, a location where about 45 people are staying without a permanent place to live and mostly dealing with (ex-)addiction. There is not much to do at this location for these residents and outside the temptations are often too great.

They love it when volunteers join them for the (free) meal and afterwards there is time and space to play games.

If you have your own creative ideas for how to spend the evening, they are certainly open to that as well, a lot is possible!

Is this a suitable project for me?

If you like connecting with this targetgroup, and you are if you have an affinity for this target group, love social activities and are at least 20 years old then this project is for you!

What language skills are needed? 

No specific language is required to join this project.

So what’s next?

  1. Use the sign up form below to join your project
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from us when you signed up
  3. Lastely… enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂

Do you still have questions? You can contact us at

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