Pancakes for the homeless

De Regenboog, making pancakes for the homeless:

It’s the first time that Veronica Rodriguez is participating in a Serve The City project. She is sharing the narrow kitchen with three other volunteers and using three pans. The pancakes, with bacon, cheese or banana & icing sugar are delivered at a lightning speed. “I am really enthusiastic. It is great to meet new people and help out. We work very well together as a team – it’s like we’ve known each other for years.”

Elif Karadag is from Turkey and moved to Amsterdam just this year. She has joined in because she believes people should help one another. “Being selfish goes against our nature. People are social creatures.” It is going better than she expected. “Communication is quite easy. It’s all very international. I noticed it this morning during the kick-off, there are people here with all kinds of nationalities.”

Henry Velda has been homeless for five weeks. It’s a hard life, made all the more difficult because the opening hours of the shelters all vary. “And then you’re sent back to the street and have to remember where you can go next. Sometimes everything seems bleak. Then it’s great to meet good people.” Such as the volunteers baking pancakes today. “We’re being spoiled. A little variety is the spice of life. This country would be a mess without volunteers.”

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