Bingo and Beauty Day

Philadelphia, Beauty Day and bingo with disabled people:

Dewi Sari has helped as a volunteer several times before, with single mothers and the elderly. This time she registered for the Beauty Day as she enjoys doing something different every time. Today, she is buzzing around a table filled with make-up products to make some disabled ladies look extra beautiful. “I want to give back to the world. I have a pretty good life, and like to mean something to others.”

Marleen Verdonk is happy with her red-painted nails. “I can’t do it myself because of my disability. I do everything left-handedly; I can’t use my right hand due to spasms.” She enjoys being by herself, and people shouldn’t sit behind Marleen as that bothers her. But she does enjoy being here with other people today.

Rietje Gooijer came to the Beauty Day because she likes looking pretty. She sometimes uses make-up herself when there’s a festive occasion, but generally less than she is wearing now. “They did my make-up really well, but I’m mainly here to socialise.”

The make-up session is followed by a game of bingo. All the women look great.

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