Participate as volunteer during Summer & the next Serve The City actionday!

During Summer we have a special summer program, weekly you can join one of the trash picking events, go out with a walk with the elderly or help out at some kids playgrounds. Would be great to see you on one of these projects! After summer we will continue doing projectdays, the first one is on September 4th. Scroll down to sign up for those projects!

Every month Serve The City organizes an action day with different projects in our beautiful city of Amsterdam. At different locations in the city volunteers make themselves useful to give their vulnerable fellow man a nice day or to lend a helping hand with something. For example, what we do is baking and eating pancakes together, gardening with the elderly, giving the homeless a haircut, or taking nice pictures during our action day. Sometimes we organize a sunny getaway on a rainy day, and on Mother’s Day we give an unforgettable day to vulnerable mothers. Subscribe to one of our projects to make a small difference in the life of somebody who will be very grateful to you! Subscribe, write down the day in your agenda, we are counting on you! In the week previous tot he action day you will receive the definitive information you need to participate

Want to get involved beyond our project days? Read more at our Join the Team page.
Questions about corporate volunteering? Learn more at our Companies page.

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