Volunteer work Amsterdam? There are thousands of volunteering possibilities to make fellow Amsterdammers smile.
Come join our volunteering movement, meet new people and make Amsterdam a better place to live!

time to serve together.

Corporate volunteering
Adam Helpt


Ready to make social impact
as a company?

Grow with us:
Trainings & Courses


We offer free trainings & courses
for all our volunteers.

STC Action Day
Saturday October 7th

Find your favorite projects!

who we are serving

We care for both people and environment in our city. That’s why we are actually present at all places, where fellow Amsterdammers need a helping hand but cannot afford it.

volunteer stories

Volunteers are the heart of our organization.
Get to know some of our volunteering heroes and become inspired by their personal stories and motivations.

corporate volunteering

You want to make social impact together with your team or colleagues, but you don’t know where to start? We are happy to help – through Adam Helpt.

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