Reversed Advent Calendar 🎄 Day 14

This post is part of our reversed advent calendar action to surprise undocumented Amsterdammers with a Christmas dinner box.

A beautiful Italian saying goes “Se bastasse la ragione, Dio nel petto non ci avrebbe messo il cuore. – If reason were enough, God wouldn’t have put hearts in our chests.

Compassion also stands central at de Wereldhuis. “As day shelter, we offer undocumented Amsterdammers a warm and safe place to stay as well as a sympathetic ear. We want to support our guests on their pathway to fulfill their hopes, dreams and ambitions, find their place in the Dutch society, and eventually gain their citizenship. Besides a warm meal, we therefore also offer legal advice, Dutch language courses and referral to health care. To support them in their personal development, we organize different workshops and activities such as cooking or sewing classes, yoga and self-defense lessons, or workshops on their labour rights.”

Coordinating the Wereldhuis since 2017, Geeske Hovingh is committed to help undocumented Amsterdammers to become the owner of their life stories again: “What I like so much about the Reversed Advent Calender is that it can make people daily aware that giving something to someone, is actually receiving something. That is a beautiful observation and something I experience every day at the Wereldhuis!”

Curious to see which calendar item to come next? 
Shhhht … view the entire advent calendar sheet with all items over here.
And if you know someone who would like to join the reversed advent calendar, that person is still welcome to sign-up here.

Last but not least
We wish you a great day!

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