“If you can’t help a hundred, just help one”

There are many people in need in Amsterdam who could really use our help!

Therefore we would love to make a difference by organizing a Community Service Day with our colleagues, serving our community in the city of Amsterdam.

On Saturday 6 October 2018 we wish to recruit as many enthusiastic colleagues as possible, who are willing to participate this day. With the variety in projects, you can easily choose a theme that fits you. If you indicate your preference for a theme that you like and feel comfortable with, we can already start looking for projects!

Below you can find the themes that we have selected among which you can choose. We hope you are enthusiastic about this day and will join together with your teammates in making a difference in Amsterdam!

Theme 1: Having a nice day with the elderly 
Senior citizens are amazing, especially in Amsterdam. They have lived long lives with many stories to tell, both happy and sad. Some of the elderly people we visit hardly get any attention or visitors throughout the year. They really like it when volunteers visit them to have a chat or undertake a nice activity with them. If you’d you like to help out with a bingo event, take people out on a wheelchair walk or pitch in to prepare a high tea, sign up for the ‘elderly’ theme. For this specific theme it is handy though if you speak some basic Dutch, so you can have a conversation with the senior citizens, who most of the times unfortunately don’t speak English very well.

Theme 2: Serving the homeless
We also like to brighten up the day of homeless people. Amsterdam has a system of drop-in shelters where homeless people can spend their day. Every day tends to be the same in these centers and we would like to make a difference. This project for example involves cooking (especially making pancakes) for the homeless or playing bingo with them! You will have the opportunity to know a homeless person by investing some time in them and asking them about their lives. Maybe not all of them are always open to share all about themselves, but you can always give it a try, as many have real enriching stories. Would you like to take on this challenge? Sign up for the ‘homeless’ theme.

Theme 3: Helping in a practical way
We know several people in Amsterdam who receive help from social workers. Many of them live in houses that could really benefit from a paint job. It can be hard for them to make a start because of all the difficulties they are facing in everyday life, or they can be physically unable to get the job done. Sometimes there is a big cleaning and sorting job to do first. Would you like to make a difference with your hands? Sign up for this ‘practical’ theme.

Theme 4: Gardening project

There are also people who need help in their garden, because unfortunately they are unable, due to different reasons, to perform certain kind of tasks themselves. Sometimes a garden can be totally overgrown. Do you enjoy gardening and like this kind of a challenge while working with your hands? Then this project is for you and you can sign up for the ‘gardening’ theme!

Please let us know which themes you like most, by selecting your two preferences in the form below.

We look very much forward to welcoming you for an amazing day of volunteering in the service of others on Saturday 6 October 2018!

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