What to expect on this project 

People from the area of Zuidoost call De Gliphoeve “a safe haven in the neighbourhood”. It has also been chosen from the residents of Amsterdam as the most beautiful social initiative for being both a versatile neighbourhood farm and a training company for young people! 

Come join us to help this place keep up with the good work! Get ready for some gardening, DIY, farming and animal related chores. You might get your clothes and shoes dirty, but you will be rewarded! During the day there is plenty of time to cuddle with a pony, a pig, goats and many other of the cute residents of the farm! 

If you think is worth getting your hands dirty for them join us at this green paradise! 

*Please wear some clothes and shoes that can get dirty.  

Join us if : you like animals and ready to roll up your sleeves!

Language: no specific language is required 

You can contact us at info@stcamsterdam.nl if you still have questions or concerns about this project.

Your participation in three steps

  1. Use the sign up form below to join your project
  2. You will receive an email from the project coordinator with everything you need to know about this project 
  3. Enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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