We are in lockdown again. This means that a lot of people in care centers are expecting some lonely weeks. Just a few visitors and no activities. Also for homeless people it are going to be hard weeks. We are going to support these people and we need you for that! Brighten up this period of lockdown by writing a (Christmas)card! It’s a small effort but a big gesture. 

Sign up below and choose a location. So we know how much love is being spread! 

Organisatie  Adres  Stadsdeel  Bezorgdagen/tijden 


De Diem  Arent Krijtsstraat 48hs, Diemen  Diemen (Zuid-Oost)  Maandag t/m vrijdag 9.00-17.00 
Wethouder Seegersplein  Wethouder Seegersplein 23/24  Zuid-Oost  Anytime! Mail to info@ympact020 when you will deliver 




Dagbesteding Osdorperhof

Senecastraat 3 


Pieter Calandlaan 84

Nieuw-West  Anytime! Mail to info@ympact020 when you will deliver 
Seniorenflat VoorUit  Statenjachtstraat 600-822  Noord  Anytimecan drop it in their mailboxes 
Woonzorgcentrum Buitenhof  Nieuw Herlaer 2  Zuid    Daily from 9:00-17:00
Inloophuis AMOC  Stadhouderskade 159 

Amsterdam 1074 BC 

Pijp   Inloop: 

maandag tot en met vrijdag van 10.00-17.00 uur   


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