In Amsterdam, there are many locations dedicated to welcome families that are going through a difficult moment. There are many reasons, such as domestic violence, financial problems, drugs, physiological problems and etc. At the shelters, they can find a safe space and support for families in stabilizing the crisis and working towards suitable housing. Many families move in with children, who also receive some guidance.

During the summer break, children will not have the chance to travel, but we will give something fun to play and enjoy the days in town. Many volunteers are contributing to different items for gift packages. You will be responsible for wrapping the gifts, enabling the magical moment of unpacking a gift!

Join us and make a difference for many children living in Amsterdam!

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This project is being organised by Stichting Present. Present build bridges between those who are willing to share some of their time and talents and those in need of a helping hand. Check the website to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

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