What to expext from this project 

As a volunteer at Amsterdam Light Festival, you and other volunteers will manage an information point and/or guide the audience through one of the interactive works of art. You are the contact person for visitors and the calling card for our audience. During your shift you not only answer questions from visitors, but you also support the start-up of the walking app, and sell book, tickets and products of our merchandize. 

Join us if: you enjoy socializing with other people and walking around the city 

Language: English / Netherlands  

 You can contact vrijwilligers@amsterdamlightfestival.com if you still have questions or concerns about this project. 

 Your participation in three steps  

  1. Use the sign up form below to join your project  
  2. You will receive an email from the project coordinator with everything you need to know about this project 
  3. Enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂  

Please select a day in the sign-up form when you want to join!


This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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