On Valentines day we are hoping to show some love to mentally disabled living near the Vondelpark. If the weather is good, we will meet in the garden of this location and the residents will sit on their balcony joining the bingo activity! So this is all Corona proof this way :).

This Corona period has been really rough for the clients living at this location. Because of their mental disability they don’t always understand why some measurements are taken.

Are you a good Bingo Master and would you like to make this bingo a succes, sign up and help out! It might be handy if you speak some dutch.

P.S. we can totally make this a party if we find somebody to perform (love)songs, from the garden, like a serenade. Would you be willing to do this, send an email to info@stcamsterdam.nl and we can discuss details about it.


This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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