Volunteering connects, but so does singing together. We are happy that the Pop-Up Choir has an evening available for us to sing together.

It is in the Hoftuin, Nieuwe Herengracht 18 and there are 50 places available. Have fun singing together. Whether you are an experienced singer, singing along in the pub or showing your singing skills in the shower, Popup Choir is there for everyone. We choose a fantastic pop song, teach you this in three voices and make a cool video of the sounding result. As an audience you are immediately a performer! Accessible, and without obligation: you come and sing along when you feel like it. So there are no auditions, you don’t need to be able to read music and you don’t need to have any experience. You learn, you laugh and it gives you energy.

And … How applicable, we’re going to sing the song “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” from Queen. Below you can see how such an event looks outside and what the result will be. Would you like to participate? Sign up now!


sandwich count me in

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