Muffins make people happy!

We see such a longing for people to connect with each other. As volunteering is a hard thing to do at the moment with restrictions, we have come up with this idea to help you connect with another person who you think might need it. It could be your friend, your neighbour, the homeless person you always see at your supermarket. Anything.

The idea is that you pick up two muffins in a bag at our office garden, you will receive a postcard from us which you can write a nice message on. During the weekend you will eat and share the muffin with a person you meet on the street or a person you think could benefit from a little sweet get together with you! Even if it is just in front to the house of your friend, or neighbour. We just want people to connect as much as possible in these challenging times! 

Are you ready to put a smile on someones face? 😊 Sign up here, and join in on this great action!

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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