We are planning to organise many projects in December and we can use your help!
Join as a volunteer
Soon the first projects will appear online on this page and you can sign up. But would you like to get involved already and do you have some time on your hands? You can help out behind the scenes and be part of this volunteering movement as well. Do you love administrations and making lists? Do you like to organise or are you more hands on and do you want to drive around in your care to pick up items for our christmas parcels and deliver them. We can use many kinds of talents! Fill out the form and let us know what you want to do.
Join with your company
Do you want to be involved as a company around Christmas time? You can! We are looking for companies that want to help make the December activities possible and contribute to it. You can get to work practically or help, for example, to put together Christmas packages for the elderly or vulnerable groups in Amsterdam. Or maybe you have products that you as a company can donate. We want to put together beautiful packages with all donated goods and distribute them (possibly with your help) to the most vulnerable in Amsterdam.

This Corona period has made people even more vulnerable so we would like to offer as much help as possible and spread love in Amsterdam. And it is also extremely valuable to be able to do this together as a company and will certainly reconnect your team in times of distance.

Would you like to talk about the possibilities for you as a company? Please contact us by filling in the contact form on our website or give us a call. Then we will look together for something beautiful to which you can contribute in Amsterdam!

Join as a church.

Corona and it’s measurements are back. And as Gert Jan Segers of the ChristenUnie said  it may be even more difficult than the first wave. We would like to work with you as a church in reaching those Amsterdammers who are now being hit so hard. The churches are already doing a lot in this, we are doing this too. We believe that we can do even more together. In these autumn days we are already busy with the preparations for Christmas with Present, Burennetwerk and Serve the City. For years now, we have been making an extra effort for lonely Amsterdammers around Christmas. And this year it is even more necessary. That is why we want to make a lot of very beautiful Christmas packages this year for Amsterdammers in vulnerable situations, such as undocumented people, lonely elderly people, people with a disability and we want to put make children happy in Sinterklaas times!  We would like to invite you to join us and we would also like to think along with you about what is appropriate for your church & congregation,

Do you want to participate, do you want us to think along with you? Please contact us via the contact form or by sending us an email or just give us a phonecall!


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