Do you like animals, gardening, DIY, and just rolling up your sleeves?

At Kinderboerderij De Gliphoeve (South-East) they regularly need extra volunteers for practical jobs. On the agenda: At this time of year everything is growing and blooming well, so we will be doing some gardening! Weeding, mowing the lawn, sowing if necessary, filling the planters, etc.

During the day there is also plenty of time to cuddle with the animals. They have goats, sheep, a pony, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and more to discover on that Saturday!  Provide comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.

In short, something to keep us busy for a good part of the day. Do you need nature, to be in the fresh air, and do you want to take care of small and big animals? This project is for you!


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