Do you want to help Stadsboerderij Osdorp get ready for spring,  plant new crops in the vegetable garden and enjoy the nice atmosphere at this city farm?  We need help with some odd jobs but also with some more green outside gardening jobs. And meanwhile, you can also say HI! to some animals. Would be great if you can join. You can also do this project together with your family. Kids can play around and enjoy being outside. Win-win.

Stadsboerderij Osdorp is a city farm in Osdorp, in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. It’s a place where residents from the neighbourhood meet each othertogether with people that love nature and gardening. There’s a vegetable garden and a stable with Animals (some Chickens at this moment!)which makes the city farm an interesting place for the young and old. Osdorp is a multicultural neighbourhood with social cohesion problems and where a lot of people have to deal with poverty. City farm Osdorp wants to bring a positive boost to this neighbourhood. 

Coffee, tea and sandwiches will be provided. Let’s do this together!

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