The activity: Make packages full of healthy fruit&vegetables for Amsterdammers with a small wallet

Boeren Voor Buren is located in a greenhouse in Nieuw-West between the meadows. Boeren Voor Buren makes packages that consist of local and/or organic vegetables and fruit. These packages then go to initiatives such as the Food Bank, community centers and other projects and end up with Amsterdam residents who have a small wallet and who would love some tasty, healthy fruit and vegetables. They need help in making the packages for the divers initiatives that receive fruit and vegetables. It’s a fun practical afternoon with coffee, tea, cookies and helping Amsterdammers in need!

Do I need to live in the Netherlands to be able to join?
Yes! Only people who live in the Netherlands are able to volunteer with us and can sign up. Unfortunately we can’t help people with a visa.

Is this a suitable project for me?

If you like working with your hands and would like to make a positive impact! 

What language skills are needed? 

No specific language is required to join this project. 

So what’s next?

  1. Use the sign up form below to join your project
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from us when you signed up
  3. Lastely… enjoy the happiness of helping 🙂

Do you still have questions? You can contact us at

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