Mother’s day is around the corner, and these times demand creativity in order to make that they fun for all.

Some women and moms already had it difficult before the crisis and are now in even more challenging circumstances. We’d like to ask you to write an inspiring and motivating message for women, moms with children who have been constrained to their temporary shelters.

This will be done anonymously and shared with women in shelter homes around the city on the 10th of may in the form of a bookwork.

The links below will take you to the websites of our partnering organisations in order to inform and inspire you


De links hieronder brengen je naar de websites van de aangesloten organisaties om inspiratie op te doen.


  • Geef je email op om aankomend weekend een geanonimiseerde boekwerkje van alle berichten te ontvangen / give us your email so you can receive the bookwork coming weekend

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