This great project is a returning success on our Serve the City editions. The pancakes are very popular throughout our city, so you will be welcomed with open arms by the people who will receive them.

During our ‘regular’ project days, we bake a lot of pancakes, at many different locations, in special for homeless people. We would love to continue this project even in a challenging time and since covid-19 is still here we are inviting you to bake the pancakes from home and deliver it at a location where people live who deserve some extra attention, like an elderly home, a homeless shelter or a location where mentally challenged people live. Let them experience your love for them by eating something sweet!

During our project day in November, dozens of volunteers baked around 2000 pancakes together and we want to take up the challenge to do this again in June 2021. Are you joining?!

Then please sign up here below and indicate how many pancakes you want to make and which ‘stadsdeel’ you prefer to deliver your pancakes. Then you will receive an email with further instructions and the address of your location. (Making 10 pancakes takes about half an hour).


  • Zo ja, geef dan hun namen door zodat we jullie bij elkaar kunnen houden. Aangezien de plekken beperkt zijn, moet iedereen zich individueel aanmelden! / If yes,please pass on their names so we can keep you together.Please note that everyone must register individually!
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