This great project is a returning success on our Serve the City editions. The pancakes are very popular by the crowd so you will be  welcomed with open arms by the people so they can have a jummy lunch!

During our ‘regular’ project days, we bake a lot of pancakes, at many different locations, in special for homeless people. We would love to continue this project even in a challenging time and show the eldery and the homeless that we care!
Unfortunately now, of course, we cannot visit the day centres, but we can bake pancakes at home and deliver them at the location! During Corona we have made 6045 pancakes and we want to take up the challenge to do that again. Are you in?
Bring them pancakes, they will love it! You can choose a “stadsdeel”/area of Amsterdam where you want to deliver the pancakes. We will send you a location where to go to the latest one week in advance.

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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