We are all longing for connection with others and national pancake day is coming. Since we love pancakes we want to join in!

We want to invite people to join in baking pancakes together in couples. This will preferably be at an elderly location where you will bake and share the pancakes. This will bring joy to the elderly for sure!

If that is not possible we will do the baking on Zoom and you will deliver the pancakes together as a couple.

During our ‘regular’ project days, we bake a lot of pancakes, at many different locations, in special for homeless people. We would love to continue this project even in a challenging time and since covid-19 is still here we are inviting you to bake the pancakes safely from home or at an elderly home and deliver it at a location where people live who deserve some extra attention. Let them experience your love for them by eating something sweet!

During our project days in 2020 dozens of volunteers baked around 10pancakes together and we want to take up the challenge to do this again in March 2021. Are you joining?!

Please sign up below, mention the “stadsdeel” of your preference and if you are already doing this with somebody else, or if you want us to connect you to a person to bake pancakes with. Also mention if you can do it mornings or afternoons, or both on that day!

This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

Tekening met wasco

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