Do you love petting zoo’s and would you love to help out there, one day? This is your project!!

At This petting zoo in Amsterdam Bijlmer they are very happy with extra help as there is always a lot of work to do. This community place is also a work/training place for young people with a distance to the labour market.

Do you want to help out at this great place? You can even choose out of several nice options:

  • Sanding and painting one of the buildings
  • Helping out in the garden: weeding and working in the vegetable garden
  • Helping out at the pancake place Gansi: serving drinks, baking pancakes, selling ice-cream
  • Helping out at the second hand store

We love to hear from you how you want to help out! The petting zoo will be more than happy with your help! Just sign up and a great project is awaiting you!


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