Do you, like us, like to dance like nobody’s watching every now and then? So do the older people of elderly home De Buitenhof in the south part of Amsterdam! And they don’t mind the spectators at all! With your help we like to make sure these older people will have the best time possible. Therefore we are decorating their party location with old records for example.

Everything in rock & roll style! We also do the decoration for theme weeks. It would be fantastic if you could help. It will mean so much to these older people who suffer from loneliness and who go through rough times. Participating in this project will really mean you make a difference. And that’s what Serve The City is all about: making a difference.

If you wanna help make sure these elderly folks get a party they will not forget, sign up here! De Buitenhof is located in the neighbourhood called Buitenveldert. The adress is Nieuw Herlaer 2. See you there!


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