After an evening of heavy use of the Vondelpark, we want to clean up the Vondelpark from it’s trash on Wednesday morning from 7:30-8:30. A great way to start you day and we will be making many people happy. Also the cleaners that usually are taking care of the park will appreciate your help!

Do you want to help out cleaning up a small piece of our pretty city? We are looking for you! Of course we are taking the measurements with regards to Corona in consideration. We will give you gloves and we will keep distance!

During the last years, awareness of sustainability has brought the waste problem to the eyes of the public across the globe. Amsterdam, has encouraged individuals to help in an effort to solve the current plastic problem. This project offers the possibility to become part of this sustainability movement and venture by collecting the plastic.

We will have a collect intervention in a  park in Amsterdam and we are putting up a little bit of challenge, who can find the most facemasks?

It would be great if you will join!!



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