MijnStadstuin is a 4 hectare DIY food supply in the new permanent urban agricultural area in Amsterdam West. They operate as a place where local regenerative and/or circular initiatives around food production are given the opportunity to develop into a successful concept for our future.

They provide space, knowledge, support, and resources with which people can plant their own organic vegetables. And to make it possible, they need extra hands, enthusiasm to learn or improve their knowledge in gardening! Gardening is more than sowing and harvesting vegetables. Once you start gardening you will discover everything that is involved. How do you ensure a good harvest? How can you best process the vegetables?

During this project day, you will have the chance to spend a nice day outside, in a wonderful natural environment within a cycling distance from Amsterdam. All materials and knowledge will be supplied by MijnStadstuin!

After 16:00, there will also be some drinks after a long day!

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