The weeks Sinterklaas is in our country, is always a special time of the year. Serve the City wants to bring the festive Sinterklaas mood also to this location in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, where people live who are mentally challenged, e.g. with Down’s syndrome or autism.

Do you want to give them the best Sinterklaas party ever?!

To make this an unforgettable party for all the residents, we need 2 or 3 “Pieten” and 3 other people to help out with the other party activities.

Do you feel like making fun, making jokes and doing crazy dances?! Then you will be an awesome “Piet”! Register here below and make a difference!

If you prefer to help out at this beautiful Sinterklaas event with picking up the residents, serving some drinks and snacks, giving the people some extra attention? Learn some Sinterklaas songs, so you can sing along and sign up!





This event is full and the registrations are now closed.

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