The Gibraltar is a playground in Amsterdam West. A beautiful place where children can play and their parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while their offspring plays. This playground is special because they also focus on children with mental and physical disabilities and they regularly organize activities for them.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to help on busy days in the kitchen, or help cleaning, sweeping and chores in the playground. Would you like to work with us to make this place nice and cozy? Time to sign up then! When the chores are done, there is always the possibility to think of an activity with the children, crafts, clay, sports and games, there is all kinds of material.
What we offer: A fun team of several volunteers in the most beautiful playground in Amsterdam. A place to gain experience and use your creativity.

Do you have an affinity with children or the hospitality industry and would you like to do this? Join us!

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